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Clevedon Summer Market

Hi Everyone
welcome to this page;
In this Gallery you will find ALL the images I took on the Summer Fair Clevedon – 22nd July- where I was also attending with BREENA JEWELLERY.

There were so many amazing stall holders and many many beautiful products. I tried my best to take as much photos as I can. As I was also stall holder and got busy over the day, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos of every stall, so I am really sorry if I missed capturing your beautiful stall this time. Hope to see you next time!

If you were attending this event, please feel free to leave your website/name of your business in a comment section (under the gallery) so others can also see it 🙂 Also please read the IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS BELOW!

Special Thanks to Bryony Makes for organising these events.



The photographer owns the full copyright, which means that you need to seek permission if you’d like to use any of the images in printed media, including brochures, leaflets, magazines etc.


You are welcomed to use any of these photographs on social media, AS LONG AS YOU MENTION Bernadette Photography by the words:
“Photo by: Bernadette Photography |”


You are welcomed to use these images on your website but YOU MUST LINK AND TAG by the words:
‘Photo by: Bernadette Photography | ‘ on each image.

Thank you so much!

Hope you’ll enjoy looking through these images. <3 It was lovely to meet all of you, and hope to see you again!

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