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My daughter and I were sitting next to the window, looking out.. Theres something infinitely healing watching the falling raindrops.. Don’t you think? I feel like rainy days are best for washing negative thoughts away and help me clear my mind a little bit and help me focus on positive things.
I feel they are not depressing at all, it is the opposite, it’s full of beauty and hope. It teaches me to learn how to wait with patience and purpose. And of course to appreciate it without needing it to change. It could be so magical and unique if you allow it.

After a couple of minutes of starring at the beautiful raindrops, my daughter asked me to go outside and just be in the nature. It’s so fascinating to see how amazed she is by the simple little things and how she enjoys every moment whether it’s a good or a bad day. Well, it’s always a good day. For her everyday is a perfect day. And she is so right. We all can determine whether to enjoy the day – or just to simply endure it. It all depends on our attitude. 

So we choosed to enjoy it..

The beautiful shades of grey on the sky , the vibrant greens and the white noise of the cold water drops hitting on the ground is just so so beautiful. Inhaling the fresh smell of spring gives me so much peace and joy. 

And when the sun is finally shining, and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, it makes you appreciate the beautiful bright lights even more… If we had no rain, the sunshine would not be as pleasant as it is after a rainy day.  Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own..

So leave every expectations behind and just enjoy the moment, just like the kids do, whether it’s a sunny or rainy day.

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